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Bikini Waxing Types

(Here we’ll discuss Bikini Waxing Types, click here for waxing services and pricing.)

HK Wax Center offers three different types of Bikini Waxing which are 1. Brazilian, 2. Bikini Waxing (full) and 3. Bikini-line Waxing. One is not better than the other because we know everyone has a different preference as to what they want their kitty to look like! Here we describe the various services to help you discover which one is the best for you.

Bikini Waxing Pictures

Bikini Waxing Types

  1. Brazilian waxing is The HK’s specialty! This means we will take off everything from the front of the bikini area, to the back (butt strip). If you still want to have a little hair remaining after your wax instead of going bare, we can also leave you with a landing strip or triangle. Just ask! Otherwise, you will be leave feeling completely smooth and hair free.
  2. Bikini waxing full is when we remove everything from the front of the bikini but nothing is waxed off from the back (no butt strip). Some clients prefer this because they do not have much hair back there or it just doesn’t bother them. Again, you can still opt to leave a little patch of hair if you don’t want to be completely bare. Often customers might alternate between getting a Brazilian wax and a Bikini full wax.
  3. PFB Vanish For Bikini Waxing

  4. Bikini line waxing covers from two inches inside the line of your underwear, to four inches outside the line of your underwear. This is for clients who either aren’t ready to take the plunge into total smoothness or just like to keep it clean but simple.

Nervous about your first bikini waxing experience? Don’t be! We promise that you are in the best hands and take pride in our work. And don’t forget about post care! A lot of clients forget the importance of caring for your wax. HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor also offers skin care to keep your kitten looking its best after a fresh wax.