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Post Wax Care

In conjunction to prepping for a wax, there are also steps to take after a wax is performed. Post wax care products are important to ensure you are getting the best results you can possibly get.

Post Wax Care Pictures

“Relax and Chill”

  1. 24 hours after a wax is what we like to call the “Relax and Chill” period. Because we just pulled all the hairs from the root, there is now an open pore left exposed. This leaves the opportunity for bacteria and infection to invade the area leaving you with a not so pretty kitty. But don’t worry, we have ways to prevent you having any issues.
  2. No sex, working out, swimming, or anything that causes excessive rubbing for the area that was just waxed for 24 hours after the service was performed. By avoiding these things, you will greatly reduce the chance of having breakouts. After this time period is up, feel free to enjoy your new wax and do whatever you want!

Products are your friend!

  1. Most customers would never think the use of products would be very important after getting waxed. But boy are they wrong! Products are one of the most important steps in order to keep your skin healthy and happy.
  2. PB Vanish For Post Brazilian Waxing

  3. PFB Vanish is the best post care waxing serum out there. This magic in a bottle will help keep away ingrowns and blemishes. This product contains glycolic and salicylic acid which helps exfoliate and deflect bacteria from being able to enter the skin. It also encompasses willows bark which is called “nature’s aspirin” because of it’s ability to reduce pain. Say goodbye to ugly skin! Use this puppy twice a week and you’ll thank us later.
  4. Hylunia Healing And Restoring Cream Post Brazilian Waxing

  5. Moisturizing is another important factor to keep in mind after a wax. By moisturizing the skin, you are also hydrating the hair follicle. This will make the hair slide out of the skin easier when being pulled out by the wax, again making it less painful! Yay!
  6. The Healing and Restoring Cream by Hylunia is our go to moisturizer for post wax care. It is safe to use everywhere on the body and hydrates the skin cells from within, instead of just on the surface. This cream also works wonders for psoriasis, eczema, burns or dermatitis. We recommend using this every other day when you are not using the PFB Vanish.

Post Bikini Waxing Products Video

Still have questions about post waxing care? Feel free to call HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor, we are here to help!