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No two Eyebrows are exactly the same. We like to call brows “sisters,” not twins. But it’s our job to make them look as similar as possible, which can be tricky sometimes! If you’re looking for Eyebrow Waxing in Austin then here are some tips to help us, help you get your dream eyebrows! If you are looking for Full Face waxing, please check here.

Eyebrow Waxing Tips:

  1. Be realistic. It’s impossible to go from pencil thin brows to beautiful, thick arches within one waxing session. This will take TIME. It sucks, we know. But if you stick with it, we will get you there!
  2. STOP TWEEZING AT HOME! Not only can you mess up our work, but you can also remove hairs that aren’t supposed to be removed. Tweezing your eyebrows at home will also mess up your hair growth cycle, causing some hairs to come back in quicker than others. This means that when it is time for your next waxing appointment at our Austin Salon, we cannot pull all the hairs out at once. What a waste of your money! So as hard as it may be, leave your brows alone.
  3. Use a Professional Waxer. Swear to never get your brows waxed at a nail salon again. Please! We have seen so many disaster eyebrow waxing sessions from girls who got them done at an Austin nail salon. These horror stories vary from them making the brow super thin, taking of the entire eyebrow accidentally, lifting the skin from using cheap wax (soft wax) and transferring diseases since they double dip their wax sticks. Gross. THEY WILL RUIN YOUR BROWS! -Leave it to the professionals to handle your eyebrows please.
  4. Consistency. If possible, try to only get your eyebrows done by one waxer. Seeing multiple waxers for your eyebrow wax is tricky because each esthetician might have a different idea of how your brows should look. Sticking to one person to trust with your eyebrows is much safer when trying to change how you want the end result to look.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews from our satisfied clients on Google.

*Price Includes Both Eyebrows

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