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How To Apply Hard Wax

We are constantly seeing video tutorials and reviews of people applying hard wax completely wrong. Talk about frustrating! If you apply a wax strip incorrectly, the hair will not come out. Applying a hard wax strip the right way is the most important factor for hair removal. So, after being tired of seeing so many videos using incorrect application, we will show you how to do it the right way! We will also explain the other important factors that will effect the wax as well. We only use Mermaid Wax hard wax at HK Wax Center. If you are looking for soft wax then this will not apply to you. Not sure what the difference between hard wax vs soft wax? Click here to find out!

How To Apply Hard Wax Video

How Do You Apply Hard Wax?

The first step is making sure you are using a high quality hard wax. We use a very high quality wax which is very elastic and pliable. The second step is getting the wax to the correct consistency/temperature. Check out our other video/blog here for more details on how to properly heat up hard wax. Another factor is making sure the area is prepped properly. The skin needs to be cleansed of all dirt, make up, sweat and lotions so that wax can adhere to the area. Next, make sure all your wax is on one side of your stick and then dispense all wax onto the skin. Using pressure, push down and in the direction of the hair growth. Not using enough pressure won’t allow the wax to get suction cup base of the hair follicle. When you get to the top of your wax strip, create a “lip”. This means to have a thicker part of wax at the end of the strip so it won’t break off in multiple pieces when being removed. You will also want to make sure the sides of your wax strip are clean and not too thin. A strip that is too thin will break when being removed. We made a video to help show the exact application of hard wax.

Laying Wax Strip -Electra Hard Wax

In result, the way you apply your wax strips can make or break how it removes hair. But as long as you are using a high quality hard wax and applying correctly, the hair should come out perfect! Still not convinced that we know what were doing? Feel free to check out our reviews on Google to see what customers say! If you would like to make a waxing appointment in Austin, click here.

Discussion (4)

  1. i need wax to remove my cheeks hair , but i do not know which wax i should buy. please recommend me a good wax removing cheeks hair.

  2. Help!!! This is my first time ever waxing and I am having a hard time using the hard wax beans. I have watched your videos and I don’t get the results I want. It hurts when trying to remove the strip on my legs. Any tips on how to perfect this?

    Thank you

  3. What would happens if the hard wax pulled in opposite of hair growth or soft wax in the same direction of hair growth?
    I think your are addressing some issues that every esthetician may has like how to apply wax correctly.

    • If you were to lay the strips in the opposite direction of the hair grown for the first strip, you would risk breaking the hair. You can do this for clean up strips since most of the hair is already gone, but not for the first strip!


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