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Starpil Wax Review

We have had so many people asking what we thought about blue film hard wax. We decided to take a look and see what all the hype is about! Now, disclaimer; we ONLY recommend Mermaid Wax Hard Wax. We feel it is far superior in many ways, however to each their own.

Melted Blue Film Hard Wax

Stripless Hard Wax: What is it?

Hard wax is a blend of polymer, rosins and bees wax. The wax is formulated to be able to pull out hairs as short as 1mm. Another benefit is that it can be used at temperatures lower than a lot of other hard wax brands.

Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax

Blue Film Hard Wax Product Review

We tested this wax out on multiple areas of the body to see how it acted and I can honestly say that we thought it was great. The wax melted smoothly and was easy to get to the correct temperature. We noticed it was able to pull out fine hairs easier then other brands we have used in the past, when used correctly. One of the most important aspects of a hard wax is being able to put down multiple strips before removing them. A lot of hard waxes will break when being removed if left on for too long. We did notice that you can only apply 1-2 strips at a time. Anymore and the wax will start to break. This isn’t a big deal when doing a face wax or brazilian wax, but does become annoying when doing legs, back, chest and arm waxes. Just something to keep in mind!

Starpil Wax Review Video

What Now?

Since writing this blog/making this video, we have discovered a hard wax that is far superior to any other wax we have tried, Mermaid Wax! This wax solves any problems we’ve had with other waxes we have tested out. It stays super elastic so we can lay multiple strips without it breaking.

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We are always on the look out for the best products for our clients so we are very excited about premium hard waxes. Only use premium, high quality hard wax & you will not be disappointed.

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