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When to Wax: It’s All About Timing!

Are you getting ready for an upcoming event (wedding, party, holiday, etc) and need to be hair free? It might be confusing to know when to wax in order to get the best results, but we can help! Timing makes all the difference so here are some tips and tricks on knowing the perfect time to wax.

Is This Your First Waxing Appointment?

Your first waxing appointment is very different from your 10th. The first time is going to be a little more painful since you will have the most hair. Your skin will also be sensitive since this will be the first time the hair is being pulled out from the root. After each wax, less hair will come back each time and your skin gets used to the waxing process. We recommend getting 3 waxes before a big event or holiday if you are a new client. This will help make sure there are no issues and your skin and hair react well to waxing. Rather be safe than sorry!

When to Wax Video

Hair Growth Cycle

Another thing to consider about your first wax appointment is that your hair will not all be on the same hair growth cycle. This is because you have been shaving so the hair continuously gets cut off at the root. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that not all the hair will come out during the first appointment. It will take between 2-3 sessions in order to get all the hair on the same growth cycle. For this exact reason is why I recommend any new clients to wax 3 times before any big event (especially if it’s a brazilian wax). This will give us time to get all the hair to grow in at the same time so it can easily be pulled from the root. Once we get you on the same hair growth cycle, you will forever have smooth results as long as you put your razor away! Remember, staying away from shaving is key.

What Day is Best?

Depending on when your big event or holiday is, we recommend getting waxed about 2-3 days before. This will give your skin time to rest and your pores to seal back up. Right after you wax, the hair follicles are open which can result in bacteria and infection seeping in. However, just stay away from working out, sex, swimming and intense sunlight for the next 24 hours and you will be fine. For more post waxing care tips, click here.

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