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How To Use A Wax Warmer

One thing many people don’t understand is that if you don’t heat up the wax properly, it’s not going to perform like it’s supposed too. Our goal is to make the wax warm, without it being too hot or too cold. If wax is too hot, obviously you will burn someone. If it’s too cold, then it won’t adhere to the hair. We will show you how to achieve perfect consistency of hard wax so you always have the perfect waxing results!

Wax Warmer

What’s On A Wax Warmer?

All wax warmers have an “On/Off” button, a light that shows you when the pot is warming, and a gauge to show what level the heat is on. In our video, we are using a 5.5lb large wax warmer and premium hard wax. Their warmer has a temperature gauge dial unlike most other wax warmers. This is a great added feature because you’ll be able to know the exact temperature of the wax pot.

How Do You Use A Wax Warmer?

First, turn on the wax warmer and turn the dial all the way to the highest temperature (105C). Leave the pot on for about 20 minutes (time might increase depending on how much wax you need to heat up). Next, turn the dial to about the midway point (75C) and leave it there. Begin stirring the wax on the outer edge so it starts to warm the wax in the middle of the pot. You can also add more wax beads to the pot to help cool the wax down. Continuously stir every couple of minutes until the center block of wax has completely melted. You might need to adjust the temperature throughout the day depending on how the wax is reacting. The wax should move similar to honey when it’s ready to be used. When you are finished for the day, turn the dial all the way off and turn off the pot. Then, place the lid on the pot to cover the wax and you are done!

How To Properly Heat Large Wax Warmer

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  1. How do you clean a wax warmer? For example, when you would like to use it for a different type of wax.


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