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Starpil Wax VS Berodin Wax

HK Wax Center has recently decided to compare Berodin hard wax to Starpil hard wax. Why, you might ask? I will explain in detail. Update 2019; Disclaimer, we only recommend Mermaid Wax Hard Wax for hair removal.  It is a next generation premium hard wax which is the only hard wax that is both hypo-allergenic/allergen free & vegan friendly.

Berodin Wax

Why Did We Initially Choose Berodin?

Before I started HK Wax Center, I worked at European Wax Center for a couple of years. They use a purple hard wax that I really loved but European Wax Center does not allow anyone to purchase their wax. This left us on a search to find a wax similar in function and consistency. After doing some research, Berodin’s name came coming up as a wax many girls use who had also previously worked at European Wax Center. I ordered some of their blue hard wax and immediately loved it. I couldn’t tell a difference between the two waxes which was exciting.

Starpil Hard Wax

How Did We Find Starpil Wax?

I had quite a few of followers on our YouTube channel ask us if we had ever heard of Starpil wax before. Since I didn’t have any knowledge about that brand of wax, I decided to contact Starpil and ask for a wax sample to give it a try. They sent us both their blue film hard wax and their pink film hard wax (future post coming about review on pink film hard wax) to test out. We are constantly looking to use the best products so I was definitely curious to test out this new wax and compare it to Berodin.

What is the Difference Between Starpil Wax and Berodin Wax?

At initial glance, they both look and act very similar. Both hard waxes have a rich blue color and glide on the skin smoothly. You can apply multiple wax strips on the body before having to take them off, which is the number one quality we require. This allows us to get our customers in and out as quick and efficient as possible. Both of these waxes are elastic and don’t break when applied correctly. Starpil wax does heat up quicker than Berodin which is fine, this just means you need to pay closer attention to the time the wax warmer is on high. Starpil wax comes in bead and tablet form which is helpful depending on what you need, while Berodin only comes in bead form. We noticed that the Starpil wax removes fine hair easier then Berodin which was awesome! This became very clear during facial waxing services. Plus, Starpil is also more cost effective. Definitely an added bonus!

Starpil Wax VS Berodin Wax Video

Starpil’s Shining Moment

Over the years, I have started to hate performing underarm waxes. Normally, underarm hair removal is easy since it is such a small area to wax. But even after trying multiple difference techniques, I couldn’t get Berodin to successfully remove all the hair. This left us having to tweeze more than we would like after the service. Yuck. A couple weeks ago, I had my first underarm service while using Starpil hard wax. Since I have gotten so used to having to go over an area multiple times on underarms, I wasn’t expecting anything different when I used Starpil. However, I was completely wrong! After one strip of the Starpil wax, 95% of the hair was gone! I was so amazing and excited! I applied a clean up strip which took care of the last 5% and couldn’t believe what I had just experienced. I didn’t realize that I had become so used to how poorly Berodin wax performed for underarms. After that moment, we knew that we had without a doubt make the right decision in switching over to Starpil. And now it’s safe to say, we no longer hate underarm appointments anymore! Yay! I’ve also noticed that Starpil overall performs better at removing hair compared to Berodin. More hair is coming out after the first strip, which means less wax is having to be used for each service. Another fantastic bonus!

Hopefully this post will help both professional Estheticians and anyone else who is interested in waxing or hair removal. Our goal is to discover the best waxing products and we can confidently say that we have done just that with hard wax! If you would like to reach out to us we can answer any questions you might have. Here’s to staying purrrfectly smooth!

Still not convinced that we know what were doing? Feel free to check out our reviews on Google to see what customers say! If you would like to make a waxing appointment in Austin, click here.

Discussion (7)

  1. Kristin! Thank you so very much for your incredible YT vids and blog here. Could you do a video or blog post on the differences between Cirepil and Starpil? I’m relatively new to hard waxes and am finding a ton of positives between these two brands. I hope to get to visit you in person some day on travel!

  2. It’s ѡonderful that you are getting ideas from this artiсle as
    well as from our argument made here.

  3. Hi Kristen,

    With Berodin you need to apply oil before any type of waxing, does Starpil work the same way? Does it require oil before waxing?


    • Hello Sarah! It’s not a necessity to use oil before applying Starpil’s hard wax but it always helps! I will use oil on certain areas or make that decision based on the clients skin type. If they have oily skin, I won’t use oil before. If they have dry skin, I will always use oil. Hope this helps!

  4. Hello Kristen, I’ve recently discovered you. 🙂 I’ve watched a few of your videos (I’m a fellow waxer in Colorado). I, like you have been using Berodin for a long time and I’ve recently started using Starpil. I wanted to get your feedback about the two. I’ve noticed that I go through the Starpil wax faster than I do the Berodin wax? Also, where do you purchase your extra large wood sticks? Thank you for your time. 🙂

    • Hey there! That’s really interesting because I went through Berodin a lot faster! Haha. I’m assuming you are applying the wax the same? I’ve noticed I can apply Starpil a little cooler then Berodin. Also, Starpil has been pulling more hair out the first strip then Berodin did. So I’m using less wax with Starpil due to it being more efficient. How is Starpil acting compared to Berodin for you? Oh! And I got my large wax sticks from Amazon, ha! Here’s the description of them: Medline MDS202045 Non-Sterile Tongue Depressor, X-Large (Pack of 1000). They were cheaper on Amazon compared to any other website I looked at.


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