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Body Waxing

Thinking about taking up Body Waxing? We don’t blame you! Body waxing in Austin has skyrocketed since it feels like summer almost year around. The feeling of smooth skin all the time is just too good to pass up. Here at HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor, we will wax anything from your face down to your toes. We do it all!

Our Austin Wax Salon offers a full line of body waxing services. Whether you are looking for a Brazilian wax, eyebrow wax, leg wax, face wax or another area, we can help steer you in the right direction. Our premium hard wax is safe for your skin and will ensure the job is done right. Waxing has become so popular here in Austin due to our hot weather. So who wants to deal with all the wasted time gone through everyday just to shave your body? Not us! With waxing, one appointment and you are set for the month.

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Body Waxing Services

Here is a list of our Full Body Waxing Services

Clean Room For Body Waxing

First Body Waxing Appointment?

Nervous about getting your first body waxing appointment? We can help! Make sure the Wax Salon you go to is using a high quality wax. A lot of companies will use cheap wax so they can make more money off their clients instead of actually caring about their customers. We refuse to do that. HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor only uses the best hard wax out there so our customers know we have their best interest at heart. Hard wax only sticks to the hair, not the skin. This makes it less painful than using soft wax since it sticks to your skin. Moisturizing on a daily basis is a great way to ensure your hair stays hydrated and therefore will slide out of the follicle with ease. If your hair is not moisturized, it could result to the hair breaking. Drinking plenty of water is another great way to keep your skin nice and smooth.

Waxing is definitely a service you want to leave to the professionals. Everyone’s skin is different and hair grows in all sorts of directions. Trying an “at home” waxing kit is NEVER a good idea! We can’t stress how many horror stories are out there regarding clients waxing themselves and getting severely hurt. There is a reason you need a license in order to be a waxer. Let us worry about your hair so you can enjoy your life.