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Arm Waxing —

Getting your arms waxed is truly based on preference. Some women favor the feeling of smooth arms and others just don’t like how dark their hair looks. Honestly, there is no feeling quite like getting your arms waxed and then putting on a sweatshirt or jacket. It feels amazing! Arm waxing can be extremely addicting so once you start, be prepared to NEVER want to stop. We offer two different arm waxing services at our Wax Salon in Austin. If you are looking for underarm waxing, please check here.

Arm Waxing In North Austin

Full Arm

The full arm wax obviously covers the entire arm and the hand as well. A lot of women with fair skin and dark hair go to waxing due to being embarrassed that their arm hair is so noticeable. Others crave that smooth feeling!

Half Arm

For a half arm wax, you can opt for the upper arm or the lower arm. Both upper and lower will include waxing the elbow as well. Plus the hands will also be added when you choose the lower arm wax. Clients might choose only waxing their lower arm instead of a full arm for the same reason they only get a lower leg wax. Their upper arm hair might not be as noticeable as their lower. Either way, we can help.

Be Smart

Stick to a professional for an arm waxing appointment. If done the wrong way, your appointment can be an extremely painful affair. Arm hair grows in all sorts of directions, so be careful when choosing what wax center to go to. Also be cautious of your hair length. Getting waxed too soon after your last session can cause the hairs to break. We suggest the hair be at least 1/4th of an inch long for best results. Not sure how to hold your arms when they are getting waxed? Don’t worry, we will direct you on the best way to hold them to get the job done right. We will have you in and out within 30 minutes!

Arm Waxing Tips

Some people opt to shaving but quickly decide to stop. Shaving is heavily irritating having to do it so often since the stubble pokes you the very next day. Waxing is also a natural exfoliant so it helps take off dead skin during the process. Talk about smooth! But keep in mind that we recommend you exfoliate at home when the hair starts to grow back in so ingrowns won’t be a problem.

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