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Back waxing in Austin has become increasingly common due to how many hot and sunny months we have. Who wants to be in a boat on Lake Travis and have to think about that embarrassing back hair? No one! This process is quick and the results last so much longer compared to shaving. Unless you are a contortionist in Cirque Du Soleil, you probably won’t be able to reach the middle of your back with a razor anyways. Going to a professional is extremely important to ensure that the hair removal is done correctly and in a clean and sterile environment.

Back Waxing In Austin

Back hair grows in all sorts of directions. This means it is important to know which way to pull the hair. If the process is not done by a professional, back waxing can get messy and painful very quickly. The hair will also grow back softer, finer and thinner than before. This is because some of those hair follicles get killed off each time they are pulled out. Because the hair gets thinned out, each session will be less painful. Score!

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Tips for Back Waxing

A lot of men that wax their back will add on a shoulder wax too. This keeps the hairline looking natural instead of just stopping at the shoulders. We recommend avoiding hot showers, swimming pools, saunas and baths for the next day. Also, keep UV light exposure and direct sunlight to a minimum for a day or two.

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