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Bikini Waxing (Full) —

Bikini Waxing (full) is just what it sounds like: getting everything waxed in the front of your bikini. Some women prefer this type of bikini wax because they don’t want to get their butt strip waxed like in a Brazilian. No big deal, that’s why we created this! Keep in mind, you don’t have to remove all the hair if you don’t want too. We can also leave some hair in the shape of a triangle or a landing strip. No pressure, we understand that not all women want to go completely nude down there.

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Visiting our bikini waxing center for the first time is a life changer compared to shaving. There is nothing quite like not having to deal with shaving everyday and all the bumps, cuts and prickly hairs growing right back in. We are convinced that once you try your first bikini wax, you’ll never go back. Waxing pulls the hair from the root, so a brand new baby hair grows back in its place which is softer and finer. This is SO much better than a sharp, beard-like hair that grows in the next day after shaving.

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After Bikini Waxing Care

Keeping up with your skin care is also extremely important when you start getting your bikini waxed. Products help keep bumps and ingrowns at bay so your skin stays looking pretty! We also recommend laying low for the rest of the day if possible. No working out, swimming, sex, or anything that involves a lot of sweating or rubbing together after a bikini waxing appointment. This is because all of your hair follicles are now open and can be exposed to bacteria and infection. But don’t worry, the next day you can go back to your regular routine and enjoy your fresh wax! If you’re looking for Bikini line waxing please check here. Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews from our satisfied clients on Google.


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