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Cheek Waxing —

Fact: Everyone has peach fuzz on their face. Now, some people prefer to get their cheeks waxed because their peach fuzz is darker which causes a shadow across their face. Or maybe your hair is blonde which makes it shine when the sun hits it in just the right place. With how sunny it is in Austin, this happens a lot more than we realize. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you for your cheek waxing needs.

Cheek Facial Waxing

Add On Facial Waxing Services

This service is easy to add with another facial waxing service. A lot of women that get their cheeks waxed will also want to wax their sideburns or lip as well. Make up will glide on smoothly since there is no hair to get caught up in the products. There is nothing like feeling your freshly waxed face completely hairless and smooth. With so many things that we have to worry about everyday, let us make one of those concerns go away! Think you might want a full face wax instead of just the cheeks? No problem! Give HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor a call so we can go over the best options for you.

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