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Chest Waxing —

Does anyone remember the terrifying scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell gets a horrible chest wax? We can’t even tell you how many things that Esthetician did wrong during that scene. We promise not all chest waxing appointments are like that! For one, any professional waxer will ALWAYS wear gloves during a waxing service. And two, the Esthetician didn’t pull the skin tight before pulling the wax strip off, ouch! She also started waxing from a random section in the middle of his chest. This is wrong because she is breaking all the surrounding hairs. If she were to end the wax strip in a place where there is no hair, all of the hairs would be pulled from the root. These reasons alone is why it is best to go to a professional for a wax. For professional chest waxing in Austin click here!

Chest Waxing In Austin

Why Wax?

A lot of men have opened up to waxing because their girlfriends, wives or partners have encouraged them to tidy up. Or maybe they are headed out to Lake Travis and don’t want their embarrassing chest hair to tag along. Men are not only getting their chest wax to feel cleaner, but also because it shows their definition without stubble. Shaving your chest is frustrating since you have to deal with those hairs poking through your skin the very next day. Why go through that when you can be hair free for a month? Stomach waxing is also common when getting your chest waxed. Some men only need their chest waxed while others would have an awkward hair line if they didn’t include the stomach as well. Whatever your waxing needs, give HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor a call!

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