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Chin Waxing —

Excessive facial hair (especially chin hair) may occur during some kind of hormonal change event like menopause, pregnancy or illness. Sometimes there might not be a plausible explanation for sudden hair growth. But don’t fret, we can help with that! A chin waxing appointment is quick, easy and much less painful than tweezing out every hair individually. Luckily, waxing pulls the hair from the root so you won’t have to deal with any unwelcomed hair for a month. This is much better than shaving which you would have to do every day in order the keep the hair away. Waxing will also damage the hair which means less grows back after each waxing appointment.

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What to Expect

Make sure the hair is at least 1/4th of an inch long. Hair that is shorter than this might not be able to be pulled from the root, causing the hair to break. Our Estheticians will prep the area with a cleanser and oil to ensure the skin is clean and safe for waxing. Then two strips later and you are all set! Chin waxing is so fast that you will be in and out before you realize it. We always put on our post waxing cream after the waxing appointment to help sooth the skin. Just remember, no touching for the rest of the day! Your follicles are now exposed since we just pulled the hair from the root. Touching your skin can cause unwanted blemishes and infection to try to leave it alone as much as possible. To find out more about chin or facial waxing in Austin check out our salon’s page.

Chin Waxing in Austin

At HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor, we take pride in making our customers look and feel beautiful. We know what it is like to have to deal with embarrassing hair. This is why we are so passionate about helping women love their skin. So there’s no need to hide in the shadows, make an appointment and let us take care of the rest!

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