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Leg waxing is starting to become just as popular as Brazilian waxing. The more women getting their legs waxed are discovering what a luxury it is to not have to deal with leg hair for a month. It seems pointless to shave your legs when hours later (or anytime you get cold), you can start to feel the coarse hairs poking their way through your skin. Not to mention being able to avoid the daily nicks, cuts, irritation and time consumption that goes along with shaving. A customer can pick from getting a full leg, an upper leg, or a lower leg wax.

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Full Legs

A full leg wax is exactly how it sounds. We will wax from your thighs down to your toes. You will be required to flip onto your stomach halfway through the appointment so we will be able to reach the back of your legs. This option is great for clients who have darker thigh hair so prefer to just get ride of it all!

Half Legs

A half leg wax consists of either the upper half or the lower half being waxed. Both the upper and lower leg wax will include the knee as well. The lower leg will additionally include the top of your foot and toes. Some people choose this service since they barely have any thigh hair. We will also need you to flip on our stomach mid way so we can reach the back of your legs.

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Leg Waxing Tips

Waxing removes the hair from the root which is why it lasts so much longer than shaving. This means that whenever the hair starts to grow back in, it is a new baby hair which is much softer and finer than a hair that keeps being cut off at the surface. You also don’t have to deal with prickly legs while you are waiting for your next session since the hair is so thin.

Remember, it’s important to exfoliate often when waxing your legs to get rid of dead skin. Since the hair gets finer after each wax, sometimes it can be hard for the hair to successfully push through the skin when growing back in. This will cause the hair to turn under the skin and result in an ingrown hair. As long as you can keep the dead skin at bay, this should not be an issue. Moisturizing your skin is significant as well so the hair follicles stay conditioned and slide out of the pocket smoothly.

Worried about having to sit through a painful and long leg wax session? No need! Our skilled Estheticians will have you in an out in about 30 minutes total. The great thing about waxing is that it only hurts or a couple seconds and then the pain goes away. We also apply pressure to the area that was just waxed in order to help alleviate the pain. Works like a charm! If you have any questions about leg waxing in Austin, please give HK a call. We are happy to help! Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews from our satisfied clients on Google.

*Price Includes Both Legs

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