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Stomach Waxing —

Stomach waxing comes in two forms, either a full stomach or just the stomach strip (strip of hair underneath the belly button towards the bikini). This is great for women or men who have darker body hair and are tired of having to shave it every day. Women might also add on a stomach strip to their bikini wax. This more common if they have a “happy trail” that stands out more then the rest of their stomach hairs and it bothers them. A lot of men also get this service done if they get their chest waxed. This way their whole front side is nice and smooth compared to only half of it being hairless.

Small Wax Beads For Stomach Waxing

The hair will grow back in softer and finer. This means it will be less noticeable each time and less painful. Whatever the reason, let us help you! Remember to steer clear of any kind of sweating, rubbing or anything that could expose the newly waxed area to bacteria. We would like you to be as happy as possible with your waxing appointment so ask your Esthetician what the best way to take care of your skin is. Happy clients are our first priority! Call now or visit our salon page for body waxing in Austin.

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