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Starpil Wax Review

We have had so many people asking what we thought about blue film hard wax. We decided to take a look and see what all the hype is about! Now, disclaimer; we ONLY recommend Mermaid Wax Hard Wax. We feel it is far superior in many ways, however to each their own. Stripless Hard Wax: More»

First Time Waxing Tips

Are you getting your first Brazilian wax and not quite sure what to expect? Or maybe you are finally going to get a professional to wax your eyebrows instead of tweezing them yourself? Here are some tips for first time waxing clients! Don’t Shave! As hard as it may be, put the razor down! You’ll More»

Winter is Coming = Time to Moisturize!

As we all know, winter is coming! This means it’s time to start moisturizing your skin! A lot of clients tend to skip moisturizing so we will explain the benefits of keeping your skin silky smooth! Why Moisturize? It’s easy to remember to moisturize your legs or arms, but your bikini area? Not so much. More»

When to Wax: It’s All About Timing!

Are you getting ready for an upcoming event (wedding, party, holiday, etc) and need to be hair free? It might be confusing to know when to wax in order to get the best results, but we can help! Timing makes all the difference so here are some tips and tricks on knowing the perfect time More»

What is the Best Wax Warmer?

We have been getting a ton of questions about our beautiful wax warmers! With so many wax warmers being sold in stores and online, it can be difficult to know when you are getting a quality product. HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor was determined to find the best wax warmer out there! What are More»