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8 Tips To Get A Perfect Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing in Austin is quite popular since it feels like summer is almost year round. However, not everyone knows what to do in order help their waxing experience go smoothly. Here are some tips for you to getting a perfect Brazilian wax!

Tips For Get A Perfect Brazilian Wax

Tip #1: Specializing in Brazilian Waxing

Make sure you go to a company that specializes in Brazilian waxing. There are a lot of waxing companies out there to pick from. Since it’s confusing to know which one is the best one, try to go to a salon that only performs waxing services. If there are a bunch of other services that they offer, then their sole focus is not purely on waxing. This means the Estheticians aren’t doing as many Brazilian waxes a day and the result could be less then par.

Tip #2: Length of Hair

The hair needs to be long enough in order to be pulled out properly. We recommend the hair be 1/4th of and inch long. This means between 3-6 weeks of hair growth for each session. Some clients can come sooner or later depending on how fast their hair growth cycle is. It’s best to consult the Esthetician to help find the best length between waxing appointments for you. Anything shorter then 1/4th of an inch can result in the hair breaking off. This is because the wax wouldn’t be able to grab the hair from the root.

Hard Wax Beads For Brazilian Waxing

Tip #3: Type of Wax

What type of wax is the company using? Companies will either use soft wax (a fabric strip is applied on top of the wax before being pulled off) or hard wax (the wax dries on its own, no strip required). Whichever kind you prefer, make sure they are using a high quality wax. Certain ingredients in waxes that are cheap can make the experience much more painful. The hair might also not get pulled from the root which means it will come back in faster than normal. We recommend hard wax since it is safer for the skin. Currently, the best hard wax for sensitive skin is the Next Generation Hard Wax; Signature Series from Mermaid Wax which is Allergen Free & Vegan Friendly. This is also the type of wax we use at HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor.

Tip #4: No More Shaving!

Don’t shave in between your waxing appointments! Waxing will change the way your hair grows back. The hair is softer and finer since a new baby hair is growing back each time. Less hair will also grow back in since a lot of the hair follicles are killed off while waxing. Shaving in between your waxing appointment will disrupt this process and cut the hair off at the surface.

Tip #5: Exfoliate

Exfoliating in between each wax session is extremely important to getting a perfect Brazilian wax. Since the hair comes back in softer and finer, it can be more difficult for it to push through the skin. This results in the hair turning under the skin and creates an ingrown hair. Yuck! Luckily, exfoliating will keep the dead skin at bay so the hair won’t have any trouble making their way to the top.

Tip #6:Make a Schedule

Make sure to keep your waxing appointments on a schedule. Most clients will schedule a Brazilian waxing appointment every 3-6 weeks depending on their hair growth cycle. Anything shorter then that can result in the wax not being able to adhere to the hair. Anything longer then that can make the session more painful since the wax might tug at the hair itself.

Hylunia Healing And Restoring Cream For Brazilian Waxing

Tip #7:Things to Avoid Post Wax

There are some things that are best to avoid after getting a Brazilian wax. We recommend no working out, swimming, extreme sun exposure or sex for 24 hours after a wax. Since all the hair follicles are now empty and exposed, bacteria and infection can seep in and disrupt the follicle. This might result in blemishes which is something no one wants to deal with!

Tip #8: Moisturizing

Moisturizing your bikini area is something most people don’t think about. However, it actually helps keep the follicle hydrated. This means the hair can slide out easier and there is also less of a chance of the hair breaking when being pulled out.

8 Tips for A Perfect Brazilian Wax Video

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