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Best Waxing Center in Austin

Getting any part of your body or face waxed (especially your bikini area!), is something that not many people want multiple Estheticians to do or see. Once a person finds the right waxer, they are loyal for life! So with all the different wax salons popping up around town, how do you know if you’re going to the best waxing center in Austin?

Feeling Comfortable

Here at HK Wax Center – Austin Arbor, we strive everyday to be the best wax center in Austin. Waxing is a personal and private experience. We take pride in investing in our clients and connecting with each and every one of them. Being vulnerable on a table for a Brazilian wax can be awkward when you don’t know the other person ripping hair out of you. So wouldn’t you be more inclined to go to your waxing appointment each month if you actually enjoyed seeing the person on the other side? We would hope so!

Clean And Sanitary Wax Room

Sanitary Area

Going to a wax center that is clean and sanitary is another important factor to keep in mind when looking for your forever hair removal salon. Make sure that the Estheticians never double dip the waxing sticks. Some salons might do this to save money on sticks. However, it is extremely insanitary since disease can be spread this way. We are constantly wiping down the wax pots, counters, shelves, floors, chairs and tables to ensure our space is as clean as possible. Our goal is to make our room clean enough for a doctor to perform surgery in!

Small Hard Wax Beads

Wax Type

Find out what type of wax the salon is using! There are two types of wax that a wax center might use, hard wax or soft wax. Many wax centers use soft wax since it costs less and requires less wax to get the job done. We however use hard wax. We prefer hard wax over soft wax because it is safer for the skin. Hard wax only adheres to the hair, not the skin like soft wax. This means there is less risk of lifting the skin. Plus, many clients tell us the wax session tends to hurt less!


Make sure the waxer you go to has plenty of experience under their belt. Waxing is something that is very easy to mess up and seriously hurt someone. We can’t tell you how many horror stories we’ve heard from clients going to someone inexperienced and unaware of what they were doing. So if you can learn anything from this article, it’s to make sure you do your research on the company you go too!


Checking out a waxing centers online reviews is another great way to determine if they are a good fit. Reviews provide honest opinions on customer’s experiences so you can get some insight on that business. We recommend looking at the Google reviews first, since Yelp requires the business to pay them in order to display all the companies reviews. Otherwise, Yelp will hide a lot of reviews (click on the “reviews that are not currently recommended by Yelp” at the bottom of the page for the hidden reviews to show). If you need more convincing that we are the best waxing center in Austin, check out our Google reviews here!


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